Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Busy... Busy... Busy

My life feels a bit like a whirl wind at the moment. I have so much to do and so little time to do it in. (I am sure you all know that feeling!!)

I am currently,

1. working full time in marketing
2. Trying to get back into running after injury and training for my place to run in the Flora London Marathon in 2009
3. Attending regular weight watchers meetings
4. Going to the Gym and exercise classes to get fit and aide weightloss
5. Doing a distance learning HND in Business and Marketing
6. I have just become a PartyLite consultant part time (so home party plan selling candles)

Plus all the usual home things, house work, ironing etc. Plus I am an avid reader but never seem to get the time to actually read! Most frustrating as I would much rather be reading than doing most of those things on the list.

There is also always an underlying urge to do none of them at all and just veg infront of the TV or a good film every night instead!

Any ideas on how to get more hours in the day, other than getting up earlier (I am not a morning person!) then please do tell!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Wedding Fayre

I am spending this weekend at my parents, due to the fact that myself and bestfriend are going to a wedding fayre at the NEC in Birmingham.

My friend got engaged last year, but due to them saving and her knowing that they won't get married until 2010, up until now she has not really started looking at wedding things that much and hasn't been to a fayre. I think she feels a bit silly because it is so far away. So I said that I would love to go, well hopefully one day my boyf will ask me to marry him so it is good to get some early research in ready!! Plus I would love to eventually have my own business in wedding planning.

The wedding planning is a great excuse to go and to tell my boyf so as not to scare him!!

I am really looking forward to it, it will be fun having a girly day with my best friend. Plus I am chief bridesmaid so I have to help!

How very exciting.

The Cutest Blogs on the block

I went on someone's blog today and noticed that they got the background for their blog on this great site http://thecutestblogontheblock.com/

That's where I got this fantastic butterfly background, which is fantastic because it matches my existing header perfectly. There are some really nice backgrounds on there. It makes me tempted to start another blog just so that I can pick another Gorgeous template!

Check it out if you want to spruce up your blog. It's really easy to do, you just ad through the page elements screen. Add the HTML gadget and then paste in the code. Its great.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Knife Crime......we can stop this

Whilst watching TV last night I saw several adverts for a program coming soon on Sky 1.

The ads were about knife crime and a new campaign to end a rising amount of youngsters carrying knives and using them.

One was about the intention of use. The point "if you carry a knife you are much more likely to use it". This is so true, if you carry a knife you must have an in intention to use it, or if you were faced with an awkward situation, maybe even a normal argument you may pull that knife on someone, whether it be a stranger, a friend or even a family member.

I understand in some cases why people feel they need to carry a knife, for protection. But why is it some people feel unsafe and do not carry a knife and then other people choose too. Surely we are all at fairly equal risk (lets face it a lot of the knife attacks that are happening currently in the UK are just random and often for the 'fun of it') so why do we not all carry protection or such extreme protection measures.

I so do think though that an increased awareness in the press is sparking panic and maybe only highlighting something that has been on the increase for a while. Knife crime has been happening on our streets for a long time but due to the attension in the press it seems like it is going up and happening more frequently. I think that it has always been happening it is just that only now have the press and the government started talking and writing about and decided to do something to stop it getting worse.

Currently people feel that they need protection from knife attacks so carry knives, therefore more knives on the streets, higher risk of knife crime and stabbings. So if everyone stops carrying knives, then there will no longer be a need to for protection and knife crime will go down.

Why can these youngsters not understand that they have the power to stop this. I know that it is not a quick fix, I know that they are scared, that it will never completely stop, but we all have the power to do something, especially those who do carry knives. Then maybe our innocent, brothers, sisters, cousins, sons and daughters can get back to there childhoods and we will have one less thing to fear.

If you carry a knife you have a intent to use it.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Bad day..... And I am only half way through!

I woke up this morning just about ready to face another week at work.

Overall I quite like my job, it is creative, interesting and varied. I get to experience a lot of things and am constantly growing my expertise in the career of my choice. (admitted I would like to be paid more, but don't we all!).

The people I work with in the office are nice, we all get on well and we are like a little family, we all have a differences and mini tiffs, but we all kiss and make up and carry on as normal. So most days I have a pretty good day apart from the odd hiccupp that is forgotten within a hour.

But some days...

Like today, I woke up ok, a bit tired but ready to face the challenges ahead of me. I was in a happy and motivated mood, thinking about really get some things done along with my impending begining of my marathon training and trying a bit harder at eating healthily and losing weight. All was running smoothly when...

I got an email from my manager asking me to check that one of our many stores has something on display as it had been mentioned by the big bosses wife that we need more signage. So knowing what the stores can be like, (believe me in some cases a monkey could do a better job!) I emailed short, polite email to ask for a confirmation that the said signage was on display.

What I got back was a negative phone call, having a moan at me because I had dared to suggest that they didn't have it on display. So when trying to calm her down and explain that was accusing them of anything, just needed confirmation, the member of staff then does fatal and most annoying tactic ever..

She brings it back on me replying 'I'm not being funny, it's you, your getting into to an arguement!' Well this to me is like a red rag to a bull, If I wasn't arguing before, I was then! I am not a confrontational person so I have a habit of over compensating if I do ever get into an awkward situation, but over the years I have got better and learnt to stay calm, ( well calmer) and end the conversation before I burst into either a rage or tears!

So I did this. But now I am in the worst possible mood, on the verge of tears. And I know even if I try to forget about it, it will bug me for the rest of the day. Another day spoilt.

Though I have to say the other day I read an article
on how to stop crying instantly posted by Joanna Goddard in her blog smitten. And I have to say it works. If you are as sensitive and emotional as me, you should definitely try it.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Turning over a new leaf

Well it seems that Autumn is finally here.

Currently the weather is beautiful. No rain, a slight crispness, a slight drop in temperature, plus glorious autumnal sunshine.

I love it when the sun is really low in the sky, so when you are driving along it shines through the trees and warms your face.

I always feel happiest in Autumn, I love the weather, the colours, the falling leaves and of course the clothes!

I certainly notice the drop in temperature in the evenings as well. I think it is time for a short burst of heating in the evenings. Although I fear is one need that will not be satisfied as I live with my boyfs parents and they desperately trying to save money. So lots of jumpers and scarves it is then!! At least we will be doing a bit towards helping the enviroment.

Hopefully the weather will stay nice for the weekend so that I can take a walk along the sea front. I have heard rumour that weather is going to take a turn for the worst, so the walk maybe off the cards. Oh well atleast I will get to see my farmer boyf, who would otherwse be slogging away all weekend if the weather was nice!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Music is my life

Last night I was updating my songs on i tunes, and uploading them to my new 80GB iPod. I started to think how important music is in my life.

The world would be a very dull place without music. I love the fact that there are so many genres and there is a song for every single mood and occasion.

Music can make you cry, laugh, feel happy, it can also be very motivating. I am currently trying to lose weight at the moment, and there are certain songs that really motivate me and complete a vision in my head of a new happy, healthier skinnier me.

There are songs that can fill you with so much elation and emotion, songs that will stay with you forever. Discovering one of these songs is a special moment for me. I have now discovered a new song to add to my 'earth shattering' music list, Sex on Fire, by Kings of Leon (watch the video on YouTube, sorry I would link it but the link isn't working!) I can honestly say that this is probably one of the best songs I ever heard in my life!

I have music around me every single day, I live my life by it. I listen in the car, at home, at work (yes we are allowed to listen to our iPods at work!), before I go to sleep. I love all genres and never limit myself to the same styles, if I like a song, I like a song, I am always open to new suggestions.

Music truly is my life..