Monday, 6 October 2008

Bad day..... And I am only half way through!

I woke up this morning just about ready to face another week at work.

Overall I quite like my job, it is creative, interesting and varied. I get to experience a lot of things and am constantly growing my expertise in the career of my choice. (admitted I would like to be paid more, but don't we all!).

The people I work with in the office are nice, we all get on well and we are like a little family, we all have a differences and mini tiffs, but we all kiss and make up and carry on as normal. So most days I have a pretty good day apart from the odd hiccupp that is forgotten within a hour.

But some days...

Like today, I woke up ok, a bit tired but ready to face the challenges ahead of me. I was in a happy and motivated mood, thinking about really get some things done along with my impending begining of my marathon training and trying a bit harder at eating healthily and losing weight. All was running smoothly when...

I got an email from my manager asking me to check that one of our many stores has something on display as it had been mentioned by the big bosses wife that we need more signage. So knowing what the stores can be like, (believe me in some cases a monkey could do a better job!) I emailed short, polite email to ask for a confirmation that the said signage was on display.

What I got back was a negative phone call, having a moan at me because I had dared to suggest that they didn't have it on display. So when trying to calm her down and explain that was accusing them of anything, just needed confirmation, the member of staff then does fatal and most annoying tactic ever..

She brings it back on me replying 'I'm not being funny, it's you, your getting into to an arguement!' Well this to me is like a red rag to a bull, If I wasn't arguing before, I was then! I am not a confrontational person so I have a habit of over compensating if I do ever get into an awkward situation, but over the years I have got better and learnt to stay calm, ( well calmer) and end the conversation before I burst into either a rage or tears!

So I did this. But now I am in the worst possible mood, on the verge of tears. And I know even if I try to forget about it, it will bug me for the rest of the day. Another day spoilt.

Though I have to say the other day I read an article
on how to stop crying instantly posted by Joanna Goddard in her blog smitten. And I have to say it works. If you are as sensitive and emotional as me, you should definitely try it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm sorry about your day. Guess I'm going to have to read that article because as feminism has it, I am as emotional as you. Ha.. the smallest things make me cry. Being a woman has it's downfalls. Great blog.