Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Knife Crime......we can stop this

Whilst watching TV last night I saw several adverts for a program coming soon on Sky 1.

The ads were about knife crime and a new campaign to end a rising amount of youngsters carrying knives and using them.

One was about the intention of use. The point "if you carry a knife you are much more likely to use it". This is so true, if you carry a knife you must have an in intention to use it, or if you were faced with an awkward situation, maybe even a normal argument you may pull that knife on someone, whether it be a stranger, a friend or even a family member.

I understand in some cases why people feel they need to carry a knife, for protection. But why is it some people feel unsafe and do not carry a knife and then other people choose too. Surely we are all at fairly equal risk (lets face it a lot of the knife attacks that are happening currently in the UK are just random and often for the 'fun of it') so why do we not all carry protection or such extreme protection measures.

I so do think though that an increased awareness in the press is sparking panic and maybe only highlighting something that has been on the increase for a while. Knife crime has been happening on our streets for a long time but due to the attension in the press it seems like it is going up and happening more frequently. I think that it has always been happening it is just that only now have the press and the government started talking and writing about and decided to do something to stop it getting worse.

Currently people feel that they need protection from knife attacks so carry knives, therefore more knives on the streets, higher risk of knife crime and stabbings. So if everyone stops carrying knives, then there will no longer be a need to for protection and knife crime will go down.

Why can these youngsters not understand that they have the power to stop this. I know that it is not a quick fix, I know that they are scared, that it will never completely stop, but we all have the power to do something, especially those who do carry knives. Then maybe our innocent, brothers, sisters, cousins, sons and daughters can get back to there childhoods and we will have one less thing to fear.

If you carry a knife you have a intent to use it.


Anonymous said...

How cool that you're from the UK, because that's where I want to move after Republicans are done destroying America. I love your health insurance there. =)

Judy said...

Great post. Thanks for visiting me and becoming a follower. Come back any time. I think it is awful that people carry weapons and kill or stab each other.

Mr. Bill said...

The National Rifle Association here in the U.S. have a saying they throw out to defend the right to bear arms: "Guns don't kill people, people do." Which is exactly why I am for stricter gun laws. DUH!

I guess the U.K. has stricter gun laws, that people are using knives now? Trickle-down weaponry? What a drag!

I sure wish I knew what the answer is...

June Saville said...

Hi Green
I'm certainly into opinion too - especially from women! You may have noticed that when you visited 70 Plus and Still Kicking. Thanks for becoming a Follower by the way - I'm now one of yours too. It's a great easy way to keep in touch.
I often present my opinions in reasably subtle, but hopefully unrecognisable ways ...
Have you seen my short story blog Journeys in Creative Writing? The latest is a re-write of the old fairytale Emperor's Clothes, only the emperor is a recently departed (mainly unlamented) Australian Prime Minister.
Your blog about knives hits the spot. It's a similar argument with guns I reckon ...
Will keep in touch.
June in Oz