Friday, 10 October 2008

Wedding Fayre

I am spending this weekend at my parents, due to the fact that myself and bestfriend are going to a wedding fayre at the NEC in Birmingham.

My friend got engaged last year, but due to them saving and her knowing that they won't get married until 2010, up until now she has not really started looking at wedding things that much and hasn't been to a fayre. I think she feels a bit silly because it is so far away. So I said that I would love to go, well hopefully one day my boyf will ask me to marry him so it is good to get some early research in ready!! Plus I would love to eventually have my own business in wedding planning.

The wedding planning is a great excuse to go and to tell my boyf so as not to scare him!!

I am really looking forward to it, it will be fun having a girly day with my best friend. Plus I am chief bridesmaid so I have to help!

How very exciting.


Judy said...

Loved the background and the weekend with your friend sounds great. Just dropped in for a visit. Hope you had a great time together.

Juli said...

That is exciting. Congratulations to your friend and have fun !

elizabeth said...

Wish I could go to one! However, I would likely end up with yet another dress...