Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sparky Dangerfield

Well, it has been very busy for me over the last month, so have struggled to get on here!

This post is dedicated to my boyf, Sparky Dangerfield, this is a newly appointed nickname, and you will find out why if you read on.

On Thursday 13th November, I began by having a really crap day, everything was going wrong and was very stressful at the office. I then booked tickets to see Girls Aloud in concert next may, so needless to say this really cheered me.

Then....I received a phone call on my work phone from my boyf. I thought this was odd as he never calls me on my extension unless there is a problem or something urgent.

So I answered and this is how the call went;

Me "are you all right"
Boyf "no, not really"
Me "Why? What's up?" (now I was thinking that maybe he had said something out of turn to his boss and been sacked, actually I would have preferred this option to what was actually wrong!)
Boyf "I am stuck in my tractor with 3 electricity pilons ontop of the cab!"
Me "What, are you ok, are you trapped?" ( my immediate reaction was that he had been crushed, but no...)
Boyf "I am alright, I just can't move or touch anything because the whole tractor is live! Luckily my phone was on some thing plastic."
Me "What can I do? I don't know how to help. Couldn't you have rung me when you were out and safe, now I will be worried sick!"

The the police rang him and he had to go.

Throughout the next couple of hours I spoke to him on the phone while he waited for the electric to be turned off and someone to get him out, they were not quick about it, he was in there for 3 hrs!

When he finally rang me and told me they had turned the electricity off and he would be out as soon as the ground was earthed, I was very relieved. :)

When he got out the guy from the electricity company said to him that he was very lucky, he had atended three accidents like this over the last few months and on every occassion the farmer had died! He also said that each pilon was kicking out 34,000 vaults! Yicks!

So I am as you can imagine, very happy that he is still with us, I really thought for a minute there that he may have been coming home in a box!

I don't think that it hit home for him until the next few days after it happened, how serious it could have been. Obviously when he was trapped he was really scared, but he tried not to think about the out come.

He went to try and help move his very poorly tractor the other day with John Dear engineers, when he arrived the guy from John Dear said that whoever was in it had been really lucky to be alive, and my boyf replied "Yeah I know, your looking at him!"

Alls well that ends well. Now you get the nick name, Sparky Dangerfiled!


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June Saville said...

Did you stay in the office while this was going on?
I think I'd have beaten it out there and got in the way ...
June in Oz