Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Birthday Shopping

It was my birthday last Thursday, I got lot's of lovely things, and I also recieved cash off my boyfriend and his parents. I had planned a shopping and lunch day in Brighton with my Boyf's sister, so the cash would come in handy.

It is the first time that I have ever had a wad of cash that I could go shopping with. I of course made a bee line for Primark first, I had to get a lot for my money! And I did. I got some fab things, tops, jewellery, socks, underwear etc. I also brought some lovely tops in Krisp, I have never been in their before, but I liked it because it is not a standard high street store, so you are less likely to see some wearing the same top when you are out.

We had a nice lunch in Starbucks and then carried of for more shopping. Everyone thought that I would be bad and really ware my Boyfs sister out, but no, she was far worse. I was very ready for a snooze when I got home. But I was being taken for a meal on the evening, so instead I had a look at all of my goodies and then had to get ready.

The meal was fab, far too much food, but very yummy.

All in all a very good birthday. I am soooo glad I opted to have the day off. Working on your birthday just spoils the mood.

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